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The Coffee Connection Application
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Work Log

Log everything that is happening on the farm. Not only can you schedule tasks for employees on any particular day, it allows you to track inventory (fertilizer, spraying products, etc.) as it is being used. You can also use this function to track employee hours.


Track amount picked per day, what field it was picked from, and who picked it.

Track Processing

Track your coffee through each processing step. From pulping, dry milling, color sorting, roasting, you can input information as the work is being done. Through each step the inventory is updated accordingly.


Connect the producers with buyers. The producer can choose what data to share and when the connection is established to negotiate pricing and conditions on or offline. The confidentiality of the transaction is always kept secure.

Shipping Management

CAllowing processors and exporters to STOP using spreadsheets while organizing their shipping and container needs in real-time.

Track Origin

This function is a summary of where any particular coffee bean has been. From when and where they were picked all the way to when they are roasted and packed for shipping. All this information is connected to a unique QR code that you can then share with customers. Allowing them to trace the bean from tree to cup.


Allows you to track income, expenses as well as inventory all in real time. This function makes it easy to summaries profit & losses at any given moment.


The app comes with a set of standard reports but can be modified to your use. These reports can be generated at any time and will reflect real production, inventory, etc. You will be able to get a quick detailed summary of: P&L, work log, processing, hours worked, and much more.

Real Time Inventory

Real time inventory at each stage of the production process. Real time inventory management from picking, processing, roasting, all the way to stock and sales.

Full Traceability

Provides all the data to trace your coffee from the tree to the end consumer.

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